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Bristol Witte, LMT, CCH, CLC

Hello!  My name is Bristol Witte, and I am the proud owner of Trifecta Wellness LLC.  I graduated from the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in 2010, and have continued my education over the years to include training in Advanced Aromatherapy application, Emotional Release therapy, Reiki, and Energy Healing modalities.  I became a Certified Crystal Healer in 2017, and received accreditation as a Certified Holistic and Metaphysical Practitioner the same year.  I love being of service to others, and I'm constantly striving to grow and evolve my craft in order to provide a standard of excellence in my field and to my clients.  This passion has led me to also pursue a career in Life Coaching, where I help my clients move through obstacles they may be facing in order to call in a life that they truly desire.  I became a Certified Life Coach through the Quantum Coaching Academy in 2021 and specialize in Spiritual Life Coaching, bringing alignment of mind, body, and soul into my sessions.  It's the Trifecta, baby! 

I am also blessed to be called "Momma" by a beautiful daughter, and surrounded by amazing friends and family who have supported me throughout the years in building my dream of helping others into fruition.  I'm a total animal lover, self-proclaimed "Rock Hound", nature-nerd, and have been nicknamed the "Woo-woo Guru" and "Cosmic Sherpa".  When I'm not at the studio, I'm often found wandering the woods mushroom hunting, chillin' with the fam, or obsessing over my kitties and bunny.  I love cooking and entertaining, going on outdoor adventures, and cheesy jokes and puns.

Joel Fields, LMT

Joel Fields has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2016 following the graduation from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in Lima, Ohio. Licensed in both Ohio and Indiana, Joel brings to the table (literally) a wide range of skills and knowledge about facilitating healing within the body/mind. Recently he graduated from Northern Vermont University with his Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health which enables him to view his treatment process though a deeper holistic lens to treat body, mind, and spirit. This lens allows him to use his intention and energy to cultivate a unique experience for receiving therapeutic bodywork.

Certifications and skills of Joel includes - Craniosacral Therapy, Relaxation/Stress Management, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Therapeutic Hot Stone, Acupressure, and Shiatsu for Structural Dysfunction.

Joel has worked with in various massage practices including a Chiropractic office, spas, wellness centers, chair massage for local craft and vendor shows, and at Parkview Health for co-worker support as part of the Holistic Response Team.

Outside of the practice Joel enjoys camping, kayaking, and spending time in nature. He also enjoys yoga, tea, cycling, attending music festivals with friends, listening to many types of music, and dancing in his kitchen with his dog or cats.

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